Adopt Wayne!

I am not sure how to describe one amazing little boy in just plain ole words…. This one little 4 year old has changed my life!  Going to China this past summer, really opened my eyes I got to see how these orphans live everyday, it really scared me that I in fact was once an orphan. You see, fifteen years ago I lived in an orphanage in Anhui Provence, China, with no family, little care, and no love. Sometimes I still wonder all these years later….did my birth parents have to get rid of me? Did they think that abandoning me was the best option, so I could be fed? Did they really and truly have to…? I have no idea. I was only one day old when it happened, but still…just the thought of being unwanted and abandoned is an indescribable feeling.  For 13 months of my life I did not have a mom and dad, and I most likely didn’t have anyone to comfort me when I cried.

I am now a healthy and happy 15-year-old living in south Mississippi with the most loving and caring family a girl could get!  I have a very happy life filled with amazing friends and family, I am able to ride my horse, sing and play guitar at our church, and I have God in my heart. He has led me back to orphans in China for life changing experiences.

This summer in China I was able to meet a blessing from God, named, Wayne.  He is my  orphan buddy who came to be my little didi/ little brother at a summer camp with Bring Me Hope. And he is looking for a forever family just like I was!

He LOVED to laugh and smile, and he was good at it!  He shared with others and was very social with everyone. I taught little Wayne how to peel off stickers, stick his tongue out, and even say “I love you” in English!  He would run off to other people at camp giving out wet  kisses and then would run to me with the biggest smile wanting another kiss. It was so wonderful to see how loving this little guy was.

Wayne is listed with two special needs….

#1. Mild Retardation

Spending those 5 days with him I learned that he is a very smart and capable little boy.  His mind was so ready to learn and experience new things, he was always out smarting me!  He could put on his sandals by himself and would insist on bathing himself in the shower. Wayne could do anything he set his mind to, just like any normal person!

He was always pushing his skills to accomplish big things.  On Tuesday morning we stepped into the elevator to head out for lunch, and he was just barely able to reach the button for the 1st floor.  On Thursday, two days later he was able to get up on his tippy toes and push that button!  And he was so proud of him self for doing that!

#2. Hemiparesis

He has hemiparesis, which is where the left side of his body is slightly paralyzed. But he could run and walk with only the slightest limp.  He was able to chase other kids at camp and would walk the whole way to dinner, which was about a 2-3 block walk. He could use his left hand if he really wanted to, especially when we would sing and dance, he could throw both his hands up and move it!

I was an orphan in need, but I now have a family.  If it wasn’t for one person stepping out of their comfort zone to follow God and to adopt a child I would be without love and support.  I would not have God in my life and I would not be where I am now!  If you are interested in changing Wayne’s life, please contact me!


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